Thursday, October 3, 2013

Experience when buying used cars

Those of you wondering when buying used cars will reduce somewhat the shared experience below.

1. Determine the financial viability

You need to calculate and determine if they can spend how much to buy a car, including registration, insurance and cost, especially regular maintenance, a decent account if there is a car old. This helps you avoid " binge " to buy the car and then have to sell off as incapable of " raising " car.

2. Find out information about car

Finding out information on the used car market is very important before buying. This will help you learn more about your vehicle purchase price and not then when buying a car.
However, be careful with the car is priced too low compared to the general market. It is possible that the condition of the car is not good anymore, so please check carefully before making a decision. If you are lucky, you will have a good car and spent quite a sum fears.

3 . Select a vehicle on demand

Learn about the vehicle based on criteria such as vehicle type, manufacturer, model, year of production and prices to get the car fit your needs. When something like the car, just read the reviews of the experts on that car, you will find a full assessment of the exterior, interior, performance, fuel consumption data and other factors to help you with the final decision. Additionally, the update news about the new car by an unwritten rule that when a new model is released, the vehicle will surely decline predecessor, choose the appropriate time.

4 . Contact seller car

Do not hesitate to ask questions to the seller of the vehicle, such as age, reason for sale, car has been in an accident or not. The status of the vehicle was, have acquired " disease " is not inherent?

5. View car

If you buy directly from that person, go to their home to see the car, do not make an appointment to another location to see the car. Verify that the address matches the vehicle registration or not. Save the information about the car for sale as vehicle condition, the speedometer to check when looking at cars.

6. Vehicle Inspection

Make your own inspection of the vehicle. Without this experience, has an understanding of the machinery used to test the safety of the car is more maintenance and repair center for more accurate testing. One other note when checking car:
- Always check the car during the day to avoid missing dents, scratches, rust and other details.
- Check under the vehicle, interior hood and see if there are rust traces Horace as welding seams, this show has been done to the car after the accident.
- Check under capo see traces do not leak oil. Check the oil to the machine, if the oils in the machine at the car show people are not interested in maintaining good sales.
- Check whether the oil filter cap is white does not matter. If there are signs that the washer machine is broken, and you will lose a lot of money with this disease if you bought this car.
- Check our spines, flowers tire.
- Check that the front wheels and the rear wheels are not aligned. If not, can the car accident that disfigured chassis.
- Check the distance between the vehicle body serial are or not. Otherwise, the car may have had an accident and was refurbished.
- Check carefully seatbelts, steering wheel, dashboard and function keys.
- Start the car when the engine is cold. This helps you identify difficult issues such as car boot or multiple smoke when starting the car.

7. Test drive

- Before you start, try turning the steering wheel all the way from side to side to check the steering wheel with a hiss, no bumps or knocks.
- To check the parking brake, pull the parking brake on and try pressing a station, if the car does not move the hand brake still works fine.
- Listen for strange noises coming from the engine. Do not let the seller make you distracted by talk radio or open.
- Try driving on many types of terrain
- Use of multiple levels and attention to whether or not some easy.
- Make sure the clutch works well.

8. Falling prices

Try to lower the price of the bug you found on the car. Ask about the price the seller wants, then lower prices at your disposal. Maybe the seller will accept your offer price or offer other prices near levels you want.

9. Payment and documentation

- Make the payment procedures and paperwork in order. Remember to keep the original registration, transfer, historically warranty ...

- When payment or deposit, keep bills, receipts with full signature of the seller.
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