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Sex and the exciting scientific discoveries

Sex is the minimum needs of each person. However, since ancient times, it is considered to be a sensitive topic and people often avoid talking about the issue, especially Asians.

Today, more open society also, many studies on sex were published and people are also willing to participate in this study. Therefore, many interesting facts about sex have been revealed and help answer the many questions his secret. Let 's find out some interesting information about sex through the article below offline!

Sex life affects your income.

Sex , fun

Salary and sex seem unrelated to each other but in science, the relationship between them can exist and still be measured fairly accurately. A researcher from Anglia Ruskin University has analyzed the financial resources of households in Greece for a year and found that people who have sex four or more times in a week should earn more compared with others. Besides, science has proven that the relations usually often feel happy, energetic and have high self-esteem - which is one of the characteristics needed to be developed at the workplace the present.

Cycling can make you more infertility.
In modern life, cycling will not only help you improve health, but also as a method of protecting the environment very effectively. However , more complete bike not good for the sex life of men, which can lead to impotence. Since 1997, scientists have conducted research between cycling and impotence, and they all agree that cycling often cause undesirable effects to the libido of men. The saddle is a type of " classic " is usually the first part is too long and hard, so it causes pressure on the male genitals, or even creates permanent damage.

In fact, not one regular cycling can also be impotent, and not all smokers get lung cancer and so on. However, the selection of a reasonable exercise regimen as well as a comfortable saddle, fit will help you rest assured on this issue.

Income also affects the size of your favorite boobs.

Sex , fun

The statistics have shown that while men often met attention to women's breasts more. But not everyone likes the boob's women " bulky " on the contrary, there are many who prefer smaller breasts. The researchers conducted a survey on this issue from 266 men with different income levels. Accordingly, they are found in pictures of women with large breast size from her and to see who voted sexiest. The results showed that the majority of low-income women with big boobs like there are people with high incomes who like to have her boobs.

The interesting thing here is that the poorest people generally prefer large breasts, who have an average income of breasts is just the high-income women prefer a smaller breast. A similar study also showed that when hungry, men with women with big boobs more attractive.

Men love helping women within a larger.

Sex, fun

Of course, there are those who prefer small breasted women, but the evidence suggests that deep in the minds of men list, they are attracted by those with a fuller round.

In 2007, a group of researchers from France, has selected a student's standing in a place to get a ride. In this experiment, they gave the girl wearing different bras are designed to increase breast size. They found that the larger size bras and more men than for her ride. Round not only brings a big advantage for women in obtaining a ride. Another study suggests that waiters have bigger breasts get more progress. Obviously, in this case, women have a plump round always attracted attention, and husband is getting sympathy from them more.

The fat usually " longer "

Sex, fun

In 2010, a group of Turkish researchers conducted the statistical time a group of men in a year . They found that obese people have an average time of 7 minutes 18 seconds, while thin people only about 108 seconds. Another study of the symptoms of premature ejaculation also pointed out that most people were wearing thin at this disease. This is explained by the sex hormone testosterone in men. The body to a man of metabolic hormones into estrogen ( female hormone ) and the excess fat, the female hormone that helps to increase significantly nay.No time " for combat " in men. Fat people often seem slow and have many disadvantages in life, but " in bed " can say they 're up more advantages than others.

Women are excited to see the chimps have sex.

Sex, fun

In 2009, Meredith Chivers, conducted a small study to learn about the factors that stimulate women. Accordingly, the audience watching her for a series of images to the screen and vote to see which one they feel most inspired. To ensure nobody's fraud, Chivers connect them with a device placed inside the vagina to each blood flow measurement. And strangely, when she showed them a clip about the process of chimpanzees, they feel quite excited and irritated. Results were similar when they watch these videos about masturbation men or two women kissing. And they all do not know why I feel excited while watching chimps have sex, just know that the reaction is completely natural.

Men enjoy watching gay porn movies.

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Speaking of gay porn movies can be a lot of people think that the main object of the kind of view this movie is gay. But no, the new men list who preferred this film more, especially lesbian movies. It is the latest research results of two neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam. They were analyzed approximately 1 billion from keyword searches on the Internet from more than 100 million people around the world. Statistics showed that gay film genre was visited Wednesday at porn sites, and objects are mostly men or those who do not like homosexuality.

This result also coincides with research from the University of Northwestern University , They all agree that more than half the people who watch porn with men are men, and the rest is the new gay. In other words, most men list will love watching women relate to each other rather than the usual porn.

Men like to watch other people's penis.

Sex , fun

At first, this may sound contradictory, but the fact is that even if 100% of the man 's penis is like looking after other people. It is part of the research Ogi Gas and Sai Gaddam when they conducted the statistical popular keyword on the Internet from NSA database. The results showed that keyword search for images of female genitalia than male genitalia a negligible amount, almost equivalent to each other. In addition, an analysis of more than 40,000 different porn sites around the world for about 1,000 sites found mainly on images of male genitals. In fact, men seem curious about other people's penis, the same way they are curious about female genitalia so.
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