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The luxury utility vehicle for young entrepreneurs

Reporters like to introduce to you to read three luxury SUV, stylish fit young entrepreneurs.
Honda Acura MDX

Life should buy cars: 2008 - 2010

Price: 1.6 to 2 billion USD

Things to note: Although the Honda Center provides maintenance services, but the majority of components are waiting to enter.

Acura MDX is a sporty car, with seven seats strong, masculine edge design, is the top product of the Acura SUV. Carrying the 3. 7L V6 engine with 300 horsepower 5-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel drive, it can be said , the car is fully equipped with many functions such as system balance and slip VSA, anti -lock braking system ABS , EBA emergency brake assists system electronic brake force distribution, independent suspension , ...

In addition, the vehicle is equipped with 10 airbags , 3-point seatbelts are height adjustable, adjustable sport driver seat with 2 8 direction mode memory, stereo speakers 10 TLS ​​5.1 Dolby Pro Logic accompanied CD 6 disk, DVD player, integrated many function's adjustment keys on the steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity, a wireless headset. Vehicles equipped with sunroof, reversing camera, automatic headlights.

Acura MDX has 4 versions, including MDX Technology, MDX Technology & Entertainment, MDX Advance , is the most advanced MDX Advance & Entertainment. Overall, four different versions with the exception of several options and entertainment systems, wheels. All Acura MDX imported into Vietnam from many different importers, but customers can still receive maintenance services at the heart of Honda Vietnam , However , replacement parts are waiting to enter mainly. The average fuel consumption of around 11L/100km

Lexus RX 350

Life should buy cars: 2009 - 2010

Price: from 1.9 to 2.2 billion USD

Things to note: Parts are relatively expensive and are most likely to enter standby or order from the website .

It is best selling models of Lexus with elegant furnishings and fashion. The claws of the headlamps, rear glass, taillights and body are subtle contours of the Lexus brand. We can say these are exquisite designs featured in every generation.

Born 2010 RX 350 3.5L V6, 6-speed automatic transmission, with a capacity of 275 horsepower, enough to meet the driver's improvisation. Vehicles equipped with 4-wheel drive torque control initiative The safety devices and other modern amenities plentiful, such as 12 air bags enhance protection, anti-theft system, anti -lock braking system ABS, the system electronic brake force distribution EBD , the system TRC traction controls active , ...

In addition, the car also has 12 speaker sound system, multi- screen displays information before, 6 disc CD read multiple formats, global positioning system , Steering wheel integrates multiple function keys, two chairs before adjustment 10 positions, primarily furniture used leather, wood and chrome lined.
A luxury SUV seats 5 comfortably for all positions, large storage space and trunk door enough to put large items into the cavity.

Car runs and strong surf, including Sport mode and transfer mode of floor -to-drive experience of the engine speed. Vehicles suitable for every situation using work or play, and the fact that not only men but also women entrepreneur's successful entrepreneur personality also uses this car very much.


Life should buy cars: 2009 - 2010

Price: from 1.7 to 1.8 billion USD

Things to note: Vehicles with rear seat position uncomfortable, especially not on the first time, for those with moderate magnitude or more.

The first generation appeared X6 2008 BMW , It probably is " giant " looks to be the most rugged and 3 cars were introduced in this article. It creates surprised when rolling through the streets in Vietnam are imported by the unusual surface appearance. A car is a hybrid design with high clearance SUV coupes make a real difference to the work, as well as the Porsche Panamera has created.

Talk about a sophisticated and stylish, the X6 is pleased to reach younger people. Version is most popular in Vietnam is xDrive35i, equipped with 3. 0L I6 engine capacity, power 306 hp and maximum torque of 407Nm, consistent with the frequent in the city, this is the level performance fit for a crossover style - coupe.

X6 used 4-wheel drive system xDrive , integrated vehicle stability system DSC, automatic transmission 8 levels. Standard equipment includes system parking distance control , Sports suspension system automatically adjusts the height chassis, power trunk, power mirror adjustment, bi - xenon headlights automatic, leather seats with electric adjustment functions. Me, massage chairs , Steering wheel controls integrated entertainment system, dryer chairs, drying wheel, 4- zone automatic air conditioning, 8 airbags, anti-glare rear-view mirror rain- washed light, feel gotten wet processing, display, 6 disc DVD player, the sport seats, sport mode switch integrated on the steering wheel, rain sensor , ...

About derivability , great X6 Acura MDX and RX than 350, steering feel very clear communication from the steering wheel, good acceleration. As cars have massive appearance, but inner space seems only front seats, though the figure is small but also very uncomfortable after sitting for cramped, difficult to observe the scenic, real car only with a family with two small children.
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