Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rushing would buy old tire's port exists.

Thousands of tons of scrap tires and rubber used is imported illegally backlog at Hai Phong port would become " points of interest " when made ​​a big agency requesting purchasing.
Defense Ministry sent text Government Office, requesting purchasing automobile tires, rubber used is stored at the port, so the gate is not re-exported.

Prior to this proposal, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Truang Hai has asked the Ministry to have detailed explanation of the application for purchasing such measures against fraud management and evaluation of the impact on the environment when use this scrap.

At the same time, DOD must also consult other specialized ministries such as the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Finance ... for the Prime Minister to consider.
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Earlier, Hai Phong Customs Department reported that, as of the end to a day 13/6 , 6,666 remained in port container cargo types , Including bulk rubber goods, tires used, waste plastic ... Although out of date but still doing business customs declaration procedures should the custom's authorities have not identified the real goods business in any form. Therefore, the handling of this cargo backlog is congested.

At this moment, JSC Chu Lai Float Glass - INDEVCO has been proposed to scrap the fuel for the glass production. Later, the Prime Minister has allowed companies are importing these items. The preferential tariffs are at 3% .

However, most recently on 30/8 , the Government Office has notified the Ministry of Finance should review the automobile tire, rubber carriage by enterprises in Vietnam illegally re overdue. Accordingly, the regulations should be handled. Cases beyond their competence, the Prime Minister reviewed the report.
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